What about fairytale wedding party in Royal Castle? Have you ever dreamt about royal wedding in the style of Kate and
William? Your dreams may come truth!

We are honoured to invite you to the Castle located 25 km from Krakow. It is an exceptional place with magical glow and Renaissance charm, which will provide you many unforgettable memories. The astonishing 14th-century castle was built by king Kazimierz the Great. The castlemakes the move to a world of long-forgotten beauty, refined style and good taste. Its historic chambers feel the breath of the past, because for centuries the castle has been the witness of many important events of the rich Polish history. It’s a place where kings used to stay, where the clang of the Polish armours and weapons can still be heard and where Renaissance music is carried by the wind.

Royal Castle offers you chambers, castle rooms, castle courtyard, basements and green garden, where you can organize your dream wedding or special events.

You can also enjoy a meal in the elegant restaurant serving exquisite specialities of Polish cuisine. You keep in mind the historic interiors, professional service and finest dining experience for a long time. Nowadays the Royal Castle is a place that joins tradition and modernity. Once only available to the chosen ones, today it warmly welcomes anyone who wants to stay here. Behind the period façade you will discover luxurious, romantic castle that will make you feel like prince or princess.

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